Q?What is the cost difference in paintball and airsoft?

The cost is about the same on purchasing the equipment. The ongoing cost of paint for paintball is higher than the bb cost of airsoft however, the maintenance cost of paintball equipment can be much less than that airsoft (debatable).

Q?What is the difference in paintball and airsoft?

Paintball is a game in which opponents complete an objective (as in capture the flag) while use markers to eliminate opponents by leaving a bright colored splotch of paint on them. Airsoft guns use a plastic bb in order to eliminate the opponent (and relies on the honesty of the opponent to call themselves out) while completing objectives as well.

Q?Do you have playing fields at your location?

No but, Atlanta’s most professionally run field (Arkenstone Paint Ball and Airsoft) is right up the road from us in Acworth and host airsoft and paintball games. Be sure to check them out on our link!